Charms of thee South

Hey y'all and welcome to Charms of thee South. In my shop you will find rustic/chic hand painted wood signs to add that one of a kind look to your current decor or an upcoming event. My name is Jenni, the multitasking momprenuer & military wife behind the creation of each sign you see in my shop. Being a military wife I move a lot, have a good amount of alone time throughout the year and have learned how important having a flexible schedule is. So, when my husband suggested I get a job to help keep me busy, I went the entrepreneur route and opened Charms of thee South. Not quite what my husband had in mind but at least I was busy and loving what I do. There is something about picking through piles of wood, searching for the perfect grain pattern or offset knot and then using my saw to cut it to the perfect size so its ready for me to sand it until it just right for stain and paint that just makes me smile.

I have a little secret for ya. I opened this shop prematurely a few years ago to ensure I would have the name I wanted when I was ready to market my product. (I have always been a head first kinda girl.) Growing up in the south you learn that Saturdays are for college football (GO DAWGS), Sundays are for Jesus and a good name will take you far. So, incorporating my pride of being a southern belle with my passion for creating rustic/chic pieces lead to the name Charms of thee South.
I started off selling my signs locally on the island of Oahu. Before I knew it, I was getting orders from friends all over the country. We recently PCS'ed back to the continental US.
But I will continue to sell my signs at No'eau Designers located in the Ka Makana Ali'i mall along with the online shop.
So take off your shoes, relax and take a stroll through my shop. I look forward to working on a piece that brings that charm you have been looking for into your home.

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